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Dongguan XingYuan Electronics Co.,Ltd is subordinate to Xing Yuan Electronics(HK)Limited, together with Huizhou XunWinr Electronics Co.,Ltd and Hunan XingYuan Electronics Co.,Ltd . Dongguan XingYuan Electronics Co.,Ltd established in 2008, at present there are more than 6700㎡ workshop and 300 employees.With the theory of Customer and Service is always first, under steady and rapid development, the business is becoming better and better.There is an excellent team at XingYuan to satisfy customer needs.

XingYuan Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in research&development, manufacturing and marketing of various transformers, adapters, LED drivers, power supplies and chargers, there are IP20, IP44 and IP68 according to the protection standard ,the customers could find USA version,European version, UK version,Australian version, China version, Japan version and Korean version, the products are certified with cETL,FCC,CE,GS,BS,SAA,EMC,PSE,KC,CCC,ROHS,REACH,ERP, DOE,which are widely used by LED lightings,smart home products, IT products, gifts&toys.With more than 20 staff at R&D department,8 of themhave 5-10 years experience,XingYuan could develop 3 new products at every 2months, meanwhile,XingYuan has the professional lab to check the product reliability,there are EMI Tester,Constant Temperature and Humidity tester, Temperaturerise measuring instrument, Cold and heat shock tester, Salt-spaying Tester, Combustion tester, waterproof protection tester, drop tester, Vibration tester, ESD tester, Surge tester and ROHS Tester.

With air conditioner workshop and strict production control, XY is becoming as a brandand widely known by USA and European customers, there are AI department ,SMT department, Injection mould department ,cable department and assembling department, the PIE and IPQC train the new staff skills face to face at production line, in order to train the staff, the standard show window was also established at production line , we do 100% test of PCB, aging test, hi-pot and electrical test before packing.Quality is thelife of factory, XingYuan follows with ISO9001 ,the IQC, IPQC, OQC and QA check the raw materials, production and outgoing goods according to the standard.

XingYuan also organizes traveling,safety and 5S training regularlly , and give red envelope to the excellent staff every month,for the people who are indifficulties, we support their family from our Love fund, meanwhile, with the development of factory, XingYuan also feedback to the society by donating to the countryside school, let more people be well educated.

Our company’s task is to “develop individuals, protect the environment and serve the society”. Our target is to “create quality products with a foundation lasting more than 100 years ”. In order to “make every employee happily working in XingYuan and help more good talents becoming helpful to the society”, we will continue with the fight and competition.

Along with the investment of  30,000㎡ Hunan XingYuan Electronics Co., Ltd., the production capacity, scale and brand will improved gradually . Make every employee happy working in XingYuan & help more good talents becoming helpful to the society, with the Mission of Develop individuals, protect the environment & serve the society,  our Goal is to Create quality products and survive the factory for more than 100 years.


XingYuan Electronics Co., Ltd was established in 2008 ( economic crisis ). The company shareholders took the very previous opportunity along with many difficulties. For so many years, we have been pushing ourselves to be stronger and stonger. Our comprehensive competition capabilities keep growing rapidly under a very steady and also healthy condidtion. 

  We pay attention to our employees’ personal development as well as social responsibility. A broad platform has been offered to our employees to create their careers by various means. More talents and more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products will be brought to the society with our continuous efforts.

  We worked diligently in defiance of difficulties in the past; Now we are expanding our business to Hunan Province by keeping growing in Pear River Delta at the same time; In future, we will create more achievements and successes. Thanks a lot for the support and cooperation from our dearest customers, suppliers and all other communities around us.


             General Manager  李志刚


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