Company Culture and Benifits

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            XingYuan also organizes traveling,safety and 7S training regularlly , and give red envelope to the excellentstaff every month, for the people who are in difficulties, we support theirfamily from our Love fund, meanwhile.

            with the development of factory, XingYuanalso feedback to the society by donating to the countryside school, let morepeople be well educated.

             Company Benifit:

             -Foundation of "Light of Hope"                   -Good Example Award                                        -Avaliable Laundry Services&Wifi

             -Paid Traings                                                -Home-returning Transportation Subsidy           -Yearly Tourism Activities

             -Year-end Bouns                                           -Birthday Party                                                      -Other Team Activities 

              -Outstanding Employee Award                  -Monthly Gifts of Commodity                                - 1Year+Experience Bouns





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